Friday, April 16, 2010


It occurs to me as I enter a new throwing cycle, how I am constantly playing the same music while throwing. I guess I am hopelessly stuck in the 80’s for my throwing tunes. I listen to the B-52s (their music right up to the present day), Devo, Adam Ant, Men Without Hats & Ivan and a host of compilation discs I have made. Occasionally I will put on other tunes to throw with, but the 80’s always seem to prevail. For thrown/altered work, making molded forms and hand building, I use an array of new age and ethnic music to set a different, less frenetic tone. For this, I listen to October Project,Dead Can Dance, Enigma, Natacha Atlas, Jarre, Vangelis and a few others. I also love Ennio Morricone and Masaru Sato for their soundtrack works and Vivaldi, Debussey and Copeland. If I am in the studio, the music is on setting a tempo.

The other day, it was beautiful day in the Mohawk Valley. I had the garage door wide open and was throwing yunomi and test cups off the hump (Japanese style) while listening to the B-52s anthology, Nudes On The Moon. Does it get any better than this (and yes, that is rhetorical)?

I am curious how do you orchestrate their days?

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