Monday, April 12, 2010


Because I fire at several different temperature ranges, Cones 04, 03, 01, 4 and 6, and have tested within these ranges, I am able to constantly add new glazes to my palette. This of course goes hand in hand with a potter’s alchemy and constant testing.

I am particularly fond of various Persian raqqa style glazes, water blues, and variations of these glazes. I have been able to make transparent water blue glazes based on an alkaline base as well as opaque, vellum style glazes based on lithium base. These glazes are great over slip and underglazes and a variety of effects can be developed with some modifications and testing.

I am also able to play around with variations of neriage under a rich alkaline clear glaze or under my Ao glaze. I have simplified the surfaces and the neriage is now reminiscent of suminagashi ink traces.

Playing with the neriage, Persian blues, bronze glazes, ash glazes, etc. opens up a variety of surfaces for a multiplicity of forms. It is the constant playing with glazes and surfaces that keep making pots interesting and enjoyable. It allows me to go to bed thinking about pots and getting up the next day, ready to try something else.

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