Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I recently had to do some ad hoc kiln repair on my electric bique kiln. I have an Olympic kiln and it has been a true work horse and very problem free. The first problem was solved by replacing my tube assembly for the kiln setter and new switches.

Once repaired, I loaded the bique and off it went. Seemingly no problems, though a bit slower than previously. Now as I am firing another bisque and am having a near impossible time making the last 50 degrees of cone 06, I have no choice but to admit it is time to replace the elements.

The elements in the kiln are just about 5 years old and on average I fire the kiln twice a week, so do the math. I have ordered new elements and when they arrive, the fun begins. Though I have replaced elements several times before, it is always such a long period of time between doing so, that the lead up to the process is always wrought with a bit of anxiety. There is little you can do wrong to replace the elements, but I am just dreading the process not to mention the down time and loss of a day to do so. As usual, I’d rather be throwing!

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