Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Working in terra cotta is so much different than throwing stoneware. It is somewhat more akin to porcelain, but even porcelain seems to have more body than terra cotta. The terra cotta I use, I have been using since the very early 90’s. The formula is based on the terra cotta that Dick Schneider used as CSU. I have my clay body made up for me and though it has its quirks and is tempermental to throw, it works well for me. Once thrown, it tools nicely, can be dried quickly and doesn’t warp unless overly abused. I use the terra cotta for my colorful underglazed pots, slipware, tebori ware and majolica and fire it anywhere from cone 04 to 01.

I spent yesterday afternoon prepping to deal with the terra cotta. I had to mix up various slips and underglazes and will be trying out a series of transparent glazes that I have not used for 5 years. Seems the testing is never done here.

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