Wednesday, August 4, 2010


In my opinion there would seem to be very little not to like about wood fired pots. The beauty of bidoro and tombo (no) me in particular are for me, what anagama and noborigama firing is all about. Very few other types of pottery lock a moment in time like the frozen cascade of ash. Ware like Bizen, Shigaraki and Iga speak to me the best, when they are pulled out of the firing kiln (hikidashi) and suspend the action and intent of the potter, clay, glaze and fire.

This cylindrical vase illustrated is by Kojima Kenji and shows the violence and velocity of his Iga anagama. The pot clearly indicates how it was fired and how it was positioned in the kiln. The fluid motion of the molten glass shows off the process and signature style of the potter.
The second anonymous photo is an image a friend sent to me. It clearly shows the convergence of multiple flows of ash that culminate in a group of tombo (no) me hanging off the belly of the pot. If one “kiln tear” is great, what are a group? Unexpected and most welcome……………………..

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