Monday, September 27, 2010


Today and tomorrow are glazing days, which sometimes leads me to think back on epic glazing sessions. Today I was thinking back to the summer I spent at Kent State on scholarship. The summer I was working there was dominated by Kirk Mangus, Eva Kwong, John Gil and Marie Woo. We were involved with throwing, hand building, glazing for gas and salt firing and firing the anagama. Out of the summer came a wonderful group of wood ash glazes that were in use at KSU in the mid-90s and are probably still in use today.

What follows is some of the cone 9/10 wood ash glaze recipes we developed and used;

Ash 50
Wollastonite 50
Cu.Carb. .5 to 1%

KSU White Ash
F-4 50
Kaolin 25
Ash 25

KSU Green Ash
Albany Slip 33.3
Custer Spar 33.3
Ash 33.3

KSU Runny Ash
Albany Slip 50
Ash 50

KSU Black Ash
Albany Slip 50
Redart 30
Custer Spar 10
Ash 10
(Illustrated is an ash and slip glazed bottle from techniques that I developed during the KSU summer)

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