Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am not really sure that there is anything that tries my patience as much as waiting on pots to dry and get them into a bisque. The last few days, I have been watching pots dry which I must admit is probably better than watching paint dry, anticipating that moment when I was relatively certain it was time to load the bisque. As I waited on the pots, I got a large batch of the Ao glaze made up for some wax resist design vases and covered jar I had thrown.

Most potters are experienced with the results of firing damp pots, or firing too quickly. The dull pop that emanates from within the kiln is unmistakable and in its unleashed fury, it is most likely to destroy anything within its proximity. Given that I would like to avoid that outcome, I wait, ever so patiently as the pots dry.

The bique is loaded and rather full and I will fire it off on Thursday. I will finish my prep work for the next glaze firing on Thursday and Friday and will actually glaze on Monday and Tuesday. “Patience is power, with time a mulberry leaf becomes silk”, an old Chinese proverb.

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