Friday, November 19, 2010


It has been one of those weeks. Getting things bisqued, cleaned, prepped, waxed, glazed and fired, as well as normal household responsibilities and squeezing in a movie or two on the tellie. Here is the run down;

Sun: Loaded kiln for bisque, ran a bunch of errands
Mon: Fired Bisque
Tues: Unloaded bisque, cleaned and prepped bisque, waxed and glazed, pack/ship a small order
Wed: Finished glazing, clean glazed ware and loaded kiln
Thurs: Fired kiln
Fri: Unloaded kiln, photographed pots, packed up small 3 orders

I have been getting about a 90% success rate out of most firings, though this kiln was just a bit less. It was made up of medium size serving bowls, a group of lidded oval pieces, a group of 4 vases, several covered cap jars, 3 “mizusashi” style covered jars, a new winged lidded form with two lids, some teabowls (as tests of course) and some pitchers. For years I was reticent to make pitchers and now it seems every firing has at least 2 or 3. I like pitchers, the various forms, different ways to handle them and possibilities to glaze them. If it is another cycle and another firing then it is another group of pitchers.