Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have been very actively working toward several glaze tests that I am conducting. Three glazes are in the secondary stage of testing. I have made up enough of each to glaze up a test-yunomi. As I have mentioned previously, testing is just another part of keeping things interesting and hopefully out of this process, something tangible and within the scope of what I do, will emerge.

In the midst of glazing today, I got a rather unexpected phone call. I was contacted by the Canton Museum of Art (Canton, Ohio) asking for some biographical info. The museum had just acquired a large black and white slip trailed terra cotta plate for their permanent collection. Though I haven’t seen the exact piece, I am assuming it was made back when I lived in Cleveland. I told the curator, I would get back to her with the info she requested in a few days. I have had a number of pieces collected by public and private collections, but from my perspective, this is the kind of news that can sure perk up a snowy, glaze day any time!

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