Monday, February 28, 2011


I fired the BK, my big kiln last week and this is my second firing with my new partridge feather glaze(PF) on some of the pots. As I was waiting on the pots to dry and bisque, I was reminded of comments made by Tsukigata Nahiko about controlling the iron as a means to controlling a glaze surface. This got me thinking and I altered the PF glaze a bit as well as using it just a bit thinner.

Against all sane judgment, I used the new batch of glaze on a group of pots and the results were fairly different than the original PF surface. Though related, the second version shows a remarkable amount of iron variations in the running/streaking as well showing a large number of what appear to be red iron and pyrite specks across the surface. I am wondering if I can control these by trying to slow down the cooling. I guess one thing leads to another………

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