Friday, February 11, 2011


I was in the midst of making pieces for a special order when I was finishing my tests with the new partridge feather glaze. As the set was not even bisqued yet, the customer asked if I could use the new glaze on the pieces instead of my haiyu glaze. As a common practice, I sometimes make a “shadow set” of an order and that is what I did for this set. I made two mizusashi and two chawan. Once they were fired I let the client know they could have their pick of the pieces and I would sell the other set.

This set of “matched” chawan and mizusashi are based on the same form with impressed decoration and are glazed in a temmoku glaze with the partridge glaze over. I made two lids for the mizusashi to create two varying looks, one just temmoku and the other temmoku and the with partridge feather accents. Both pieces exhibit a fluid running pattern with varying golden, copper and iron tones about the surface. The impressed marks seem to have run more than the rest of the surface and are nice focal points that break up the surface. The set was intended to have a 50’s kind of visage and looking at them now, I think they hit the mark.

More pictures of the set can be seen on my Trocadero marketplace;

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