Monday, August 8, 2011


I have been around pottery for quite a while now and in that time have met a number of potters and collectors who have graciously shared pots, information and ideas. Among those interested in pots, I have been extremely fortunate to know a number of dedicated and longtime pottery collectors who have been very open to sharing access to their collections. Our first real contact with a pottery collector was in Cleveland when I had just started making pottery. It was rather interesting being able to handle and examine everything from Momoyama Shino ware, a sancai style Betty Woodman pillow pitcher, a nice collection of Beatrice Wood and Laura Andresen, an extensive collection of American studio pottery including many museum quality Grueby and Rookwood pieces as well as a large array of American, British and Japanese pots by modern studio potters. To this day, I carry on long distance relationships with a number of these collectors.

In the past hand full of years, I have also been able to help some of these collectors downsize, refocus or sell off their collection because of my Trocadero website. Many of the collectors are now retiring and moving to smaller accommodations or even out of country. Some other collectors are refocusing their collections and moving into different collecting avenues, so some pots must go. A friend of mine is just such a collector. Having started collecting only a few years ago, at first, he was collecting pots that appealed to him at the time and were good pots. Recently while collecting, he hit on a particular strategy and focus for his collection and decided that he would part with pots that didn’t fall within these refocused parameters.

Fast forward to last week and this week, with on UPS box already arrived and two on the way, in comes another small collection to help find new homes for. This grouping consists of primarily traditional tea wares, including a work by a Ningen Kokuho and a Prefectural Living Treasure.

The following is a list of pots coming in that I will post on Trocadero over the next week;

Suzuki Goro Yashichida Oribe Chawan (Sold)
Miwa Kyuwa X Hagi Lg. Plate
Yoshiga Taibi Hagi Chawan
Takahara Shoji Bizen Chaire
Kawai Takeichi Tessha Chawan (one of the finest I have ever seen)
Sakai Kobu Shino Chawan
Kamiya Eisuke Yohen Tetsu-yu Chawan
Ishii Takahiro Oribe Summer Chawan

Illustrated is a detail of the inside of the yohen-tetsuyu chawan by Kamiya Eisuke. There are a variety of effects ranging from streaking hare’s fur to radiant iron crystals.

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