Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I was recently asked to express the volume and scale of some of my teabowls as I am prone to describing them as large. To me large is usually over 5” across and the bowl displaces a significant volume. Trying to imply the volume a pot has is difficulties, even with a picture, so, since the measurements don’t always convey the scale of a piece, I thought to try a video of a recent teabowl. Maybe a moving image, in the round, will help a bit more.

This video is of one of my Karatsu influenced tataki teabowls and glazed with a Haiyu and Temmoku glazes. There is a variety of tones in the Haiyu glaze running from green, olive, tans and rust that all accentuates the tataki paddled surface. Though not of a Kumano Kuroemon scale, at over 5.5” across, it is large and generous in its proportions.

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