Monday, August 15, 2011


It is another one of those Mondays in central NY today, cloudy, rainy and just plain dreary. Add to the weather several chores and appointments that keep me away from the studio and you certainly have another blue Monday. As I have mentioned at least once before, the best cure for those Monday blues is looking at a good pot. I think this fits the bill.

Illustrated is a porcelain coffe pot with blue and amber translucent glazes and an appliqué celtic knot design around the pot. The details of this pot are wonderful with a tight fitting lid and a well conceived and sevicable handle. This pot was made by Alfred University MFA graduate Ryan Greenheck who lives and works in Philadelphia and teaches at the Clay Studio. Looking over the design elements, forms and glazing techniques of Ryan’s body of work, there is a strong continuity that ties his work together from teacup to teapot and all the pots in between.

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