Monday, September 19, 2011


Like Nakazato Muan to Karatsu, Arakawa Toyozo to Shino and Miwa Kyusetsu X to Hagi, Ezaki Issei can be considered to be the catalyst of the modern Tokoname tradition. On top of teaching several of modern Tokoname’s potters, Takeuchi Kimiaki and Osako Mikio, Ezaki began to make large scale tsubo and hachi that owed there inspiration to the medieval wares of the region. Using a variety of wood and rice ash glazes he recreated the spirit of ancient Tokoname in his modern work and passed on this ideal to his students and contemporary potters. He is best known for his crisp and insightful forms that used the medieval tradition as a basis, while maintaining a decidedly modern quality to his work.

Illustrated is a medium sized tsubo that has a massive presence because of its solid form with ash cascading down, creating a wonderful sense of movement. The uniquely cut lip of the neck adds to the mystique of a true pioneer potter.

(Illustration used with the permission of a collector)

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