Friday, September 16, 2011


After several emails and a couple of phone conversations, it looks like I have another group of pots coming in to find homes for. This time they are from two different collections, but both are parting with the pots for the same reason, refocusing and downsizing the collection. Speaking from personal experience, as a collector, one is always shifting priorities, refocusing on what is of the most interest and needing to part with pots, just because there is a concern for where the heck do you put them all. One collector I know has a very ridgid policy concerning his collecting; “one pot in, one pot out”. It allows him to have a constantly rotating group of pots in a very space conscious environment.

The group that is coming in, or already arrived is as follows;
A stellar Kuro-Raku chawan by Iga & Raku specialist; Konishi Heinai II
Nanban-yaki (Tanegashima) mizusashi by Nakazato Takashi
Museum quality Aka-Shino chawan by living master potter; Hayashi Shotaro
A few other pieces…………

These pieces, and a few others should arrive by the end of next week and hopefully with hit my Trocadero website by Thursday (9/22), please watch for them. Illustrated is the phenomenal, exhibition quality Aka-Shino chawan by Mino tradition master; Hayashi Shotaro.

In other news, with the weekend approaching, we plan various movie nights. I have spent a good portion of my life watching movies of all kinds from the classics, to foreign, to action and everything in between. Being very visually oriented, I consider movies to be an important part of my life. At lunch, my wife suggested a comedy tonight and well, there can only be one answer to that;

For those unfamiliar, A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM is a comedy masterpiece with an adundance of action, excellent acting, music, comedic timing and superb direction under the helm of Richard Lester. Lester also is responsible for two other favorites of mine; THE THREE MUSKETEERS and THE FOUR MUSKETEERS. All three movies are worth a watch if you haven’t seen them or haven’t seen them in a while. Can there be any of life’s simpler pleasures that can beat a great movie, an ice cold Sapporo and fresh Pretz, I think not!

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