Wednesday, September 7, 2011


During my decade in Cleveland and numerous trips to NYC and Boston, besides taking the time to look at pottery and Japanese art in the different museums, I would always take time to study the ancient Chinese bronzes. The forms and patinas of the bronzes are fascinating and compelling, but to my eye, the intricate patterns about the surfaces articulate the pieces and bring them to life. The variety of repeat patterns and other designs take hold and create a dialogue between even the most casual viewer and the piece.

In time, I began to create pots so that I could impress articulated pattern around the forms. Carving impression stamps out of clay, the patterns were hit or miss, some worked, some did not. By working with this idea on and off over nearly 10 years, the right forms, impressed designs and glaze or glaze combinations began to make sense. In a way, it was like developing a “standard” to work with this style of pottery. The actual impressed designs were created to be reminiscent of the old Chinese bronzes, Persian design elements and Greek design and fretwork. Besides creating an overall design, it adds to the tactile experience as the design stamps have made a lasting impression on the pot and hopefully the viewer as well.

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