Friday, September 23, 2011


Illustrated is a very simple and noble hexagonal mizusashi by Iga potter; Banura Shiro (1941-2001). This mizusashi is presented with two faces that alter the vision of the piece rather dramatically, one with a ceramic lid and the other with a lacquer lid. The simple ash glaze over a fluid underglaze decoration of a plum blossom tree and plum blossoms compliments the form and the varying lids adds to the versatility of the piece. The stark simplicity of the design and hexagonal form was part of Banura’s ongoing investigation into the relationship between pottery and painted design as he sought to add to the modern day Rimpa tradition of pottery. Using Ogata Kenzan as a foundation, Banura, along with several painters who painted on his pottery, had succeeded in adding to a long standing tradition that continues to this day.

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