Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Up today is another excrutiatingly short video of the hikidashi (pulled out) technique at the Shigaraki anagama of Sawa Kiyotsugu and Sawa Katsunori (seen in the video). Hikidashi is used in Shigaraki to freeze the bidoro glass over the surface of the pot. This is accomplished by the quick cooling once the pot is snatched out of the kiln creating the rich glassy surfaces. Hikidashi is a technique most commonly used in Raku-yaki, Seto-Guro (Hikidashi-Guro) and Shigaraki, though its use is ever expanding to other styles and traditions. Currently there are a number of potters also using the hikidashi technique for Shino; Kumano Kuroemon is at the forefront of that movement which accounts for the wonderful pale jade-green ash surfaces on some of his pots. When all is said and done, there is nothing more exhillerating than pulling a 2300 degree pot out of a fiery kiln to get the heart pumping. It is unlike any other experience in making ceramics.

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  1. Thanks -- this helped me understand what I'm looking at and appreciate the technique.