Monday, March 21, 2011


Illustrated is gestural medieval meets modern Shigaraki chawan by Oda Minoru. It contrasts greatly against the mizusashi by him (from another blog entry) that is primarily hi-iro coloring. This chawan has a wonderfully measured stance and attitude and is coated in ash on the face and back wall of the piece. The firing has darkened the pot to a rich chocolaty brown with a wet (uroi) sheen about the form.

It is the casual attitude of this pot that really interests me. It appears to have just happened and rests very loosely on the foot like a pedestal. The attitude of the chawan just begs to be handled without any ritual or formality, the sense of touch completing its purpose. Good Shigaraki and Iga wares just defy time and many seem that they could have been made centuries ago or speaking out at this present moment.