Monday, June 20, 2011


Having had a number of years to develop different styles and glazes for a variety of temperature ranges has distinct advantages. Though I generally throw, decorate and glaze to specific commissions, orders or requests, there are always small nooks and crannies of the kiln to be filled with smaller pots. This allows me to throw teabowls, utility bowls, tokkuri, yunomi or other small pieces as fillers and then decorate and glaze them in a variety of styles. It helps make for a kiln packed with variety and sometimes intense color as well.

Periodically I find the need to throw some fritted whiteware teabowls and decorate them up with modern style black designs that works well under the Persian blue glaze that I use. The clay body is an old trial and error formula I came up with back at CSU. I make it up into a liquid, like a slip and pour it out on plaster to dry. When ready, I peel it off the plaster and wedge it up and use it. Though these pieces are not intended for heavy, everyday use as the clay body is not really thoroughly vitrified, the end product justifies the process. The vivid soda blue glaze works well with the quick design and makes for a bridge between the old raqqa wares and modern pottery. Coming out of the kiln, that bright and fun blue is just a great way to jump start and Monday.