Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Illustrated is a close-up of a recently fired V-bowl. I am rather fond of this particular form and it is the most thrown object I have made as a potter. Over the years, I have constantly been asked if throwing the same thing over and over again is monotonous, but how can doing something you truly enjoy be anything but fun. This particular v-bowl is glazed in my temmoku with a partridge feather iron glaze trailed over. If you look at the temmoku glaze, the background, you can see that the area is proliferated with small oilspot like effects and where gravity pulls at the trailed glaze, it is forming tendrils which are moving their way into the center of the bowl. You have to love gravity when it comes to glazes, not so much when throwing.

This V-bowl is very similiar to a bowl that I posted a video of me throwing for a previous blog entry. The video can be seen here;

“Monotany is the law of nature. Look at the monotonous manner in which the sun rises. The monotony of necessary occupations is exhilarating and life-giving.” Gandhi (1869-1948)