Monday, February 27, 2012


I moved to the next step in testing with my new Oribe style glaze. I tempered the glaze a bit by adding .5% iron oxide and made up enough to glaze a few teabowls. Realizing that this new green can be rather bright over slip, I decided to use that to my advantage. I had thrown and severely paddled a group of bowls and took one and then poured white slip over either end of the ovalled form. Once bisque, I poured the glaze over the pot to vary thickness and then fired it in the last kiln firing. The illustrated teabowl is what I ended up with. The green is rich and bright over the white slip and a more somber green over the stoneware clay body. I find it rather nice that the glaze breaks to an almost clear over the raised ridges of the paddled texture, giving me three distinct colors on the teabowl. I think the developement of this new Oribe (Shin-Ao) is on track and may be destined for a larger bucket of glaze!

You can see more pictures of this chawan here;

 "The combination of experience and experimentation will ultimately yield a personal sound."
                                                                                                                   Mark White (b. 1961)

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