Wednesday, April 4, 2012


"My work began in England, learned much in Okinawa and matured in Mashiko......"            Hamada Shoji

Illustrated is a mizusashi by Mashiko legend, Hamada Shoji. The full form has a perpetually wet appearance and the striking underglaze sugar cane motif appears to have only just to have brushed onto the pot in the blink of an eye. The ash based clear glaze has created Hagi like areas of blushed spotting running from beige to pink most noticeable around the underglaze decoration. There is a palpable tension in the form and profile of the pot that almost appears to be contained by the fluid and casual expression of the  brushwork of the potter, who had painted the same design, many thousands of times before. I don't doubt there are better pots by Hamada, but few have the unrestrained sense of fullness and animation that this water pot contains.

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