Monday, April 23, 2012


The weather forecast  for the area called for the possibility of a major Nor'easter, though it looks like we may have dodged that storm, thanks to the shelter of the valley and surrounding terrain. It is however, a rather cold, bleak, rainy day and getting things done has been a bit of a chore. After last week's firing, I needed to get several orders packed up and out the door and want to concentrate on working out a few test ideas that I have been thinking about. It should make for a casual break between "production" cycles. As the work day started, I threw the obligatory group of  test yunomi/cups first, then hit the packing duties which I am especially fond of.

Illustrated is a simple Persian blue  glazed bowl that came out of the test kiln the other day. It has a black underglaze design over porcelain and was fired to just under 2200 degrees. It is intended as an EDB (every day bowl) and I will use it for a while to see how it stands up to actual use.

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