Friday, May 11, 2012


After a series of recent emails and a long phone call, I have another stellar group of chawan on the way to sell for a collector. The collector is in the midst of building a house and realized that the best pieces would have to go to help mitigate the money flowing out. There is a reason houses are called money pits! The current plan is that the pots should reach me by the end of next week and then I will get them photographed and posted up on  my Trocadero website;
Please keep your eye on my website for this great group of modern chawan.

The group includes a Hayashi Shotaro Shino chawan with underglaze accents of iron decoration. This is the finest Hayashi chawan I have ever seen, is big and pristine and exhibited and is accompanied with a portfolio sheet of this exact chawan. Next up is a very modern dancing fire, Enbu-Shino chawan by Yamada Kazu. It is extremely striking and part of his most recent works. There is also several chawan by legendary eccentric, Tsukigata Nahiko. All in all, a great group of chawan by extraordinary potters working in the modern Shino/Mino tradition..

Illustrated is  a Shino chawan by modern day master Mino potter, Hayashi Shotaro. Not only is the form and glaze quality exceptional, but the fluid and spontaneous vertical iron decoration gives this pot an extreme sense of upward motion. I am always reluctant to say this as it seems to be over used, but this truly is a masterpiece chawan.

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