Wednesday, May 9, 2012


In the last firing I made the decision to explore the double gourd form, which I hadn't thrown in quite some time. The pieces included a group of bottle/vases and a number of tokkuri/bottles as well. They were glazed in temmoku and tetsu-yu, temmoku and haiyu or an alkaline clear and the saffron yellow iron glazes. Overall I am rather pleased with how they came out. I ended up glazing the tokkuri from top to bottom and then fired them on wads for the effect. Once out of the glaze, I ground off the wads and the feet of the tokkuri now show "scars" where each were ground off. I quite like the look and it adds an additional visual element to the base of each pot.

I have also been pursuing various pattern development for the stoneware neriage that I have been working with which is loosely based on suminagashi inspired design. Unless you devote yourself to neriage full time, I am guessing there is no exact science to getting patterns to develop that way you see them in your head, rather, much of the pattern is like visual entropy. That being said, my main interest in the neriage is to produce large, bold contrasting pattern with very few layers. I am also trying to create diagonal loops and pattern that folds back on itself . I made up some more colored stoneware and then threw a group of teabowls yesterday, trimming them this morning. I am hoping to get them dried and into the next bisque and glaze fire. My intent at the moment is to glaze them in the saffron surface, though things are always subject to change, that is the plan. I will post a photo when they are finished. Though I am not dedicated to neriage full time, the variety certainly keeps things interesting.

"The most delightful pleasures cloy without variety." Publilius Syrus ( First Century B.C.)

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