Friday, June 1, 2012


Like any potter, I go through these phases of figuring out what does and doesn't work in regards to decoration and surfaces. It is probably apparent at this point that I am rather fond of various textures and the truth is, sometimes I get a bit carried away. I recently made a few teabowls for my lepidolite Oribe glaze. These chawan have to be made out of a blend of two different stoneware bodies or there ends up being a good deal of pinholing. Once thrown, I set about trying a variety of  impressed designs on the pieces and then came to this last one and decided to go all out and cover the body of the bowl in a repeat of two different designs. I think it came out rather nice for a spur of the moment idea and have to admit, the texture feels rather nice in the hand and added a good degree of glaze variation where the glaze is thicker and thinner. It would seem, this less planned out, the better.

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