Friday, July 20, 2012


I am particularly fond of forms that in a photo present a mystery, could it be a guinomi or a chawan. Such pieces maintain proportions that blow-up or shrink down well, as to fool the eye (and brain) into questioning their scale. This elegant bowl form, thrown perfectly out of a low fire clay with intermittent incised decoration is glazed in an alkaline clear and then had washes of iron and copper pigment skillfully placed about the pot. Because of the potter's use of classical proportions, this piece really could be a chawan or guinomi, though it is the later. This sancai influenced guinomi was made by Kato Kobei VII and has a light and airy, even refreshing quality even without any intended beverage within.

"No object is mysterious. The mystery is in your eye."  Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973)

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