Monday, July 16, 2012


A friend and fellow collector sent me a picture of one of his recent acquisitions the other day. This beautiful little tsubo is by Shimizu Uichi and was likely made in the late 1980s. This style of yohen iron glaze is a remarkable characteristic of Shimizu and what sets this particular pot apart from the majority of this style is that instead of taking on a silver sheen in the wood firing, this pot has a distinct and bold golden surface. The addition of the finger raked design and thick feldspar accents only accentuate the golden ground that blankets the piece. I am also rather fond of the way in which the foot was cut, leaving several distinctive, sharp lines that further enliven the pot and add to its sense of rhythm which seems very much at home next to the massive Uraguchi tsubo in the background.  Both pots born of iron in their glazes, both so distinctly different.

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