Monday, July 30, 2012


Illustrated is a classical Ayame-de Ki-Seto hachi by legendary potter, Suzuki Goro. Decorated with an incised radish design with copper accents this hachi is the epitome of timeless and Momoyama inspired pottery. There are a variety of incised designs in the ayame-de style which includes irises, radishes, kiku blossoms, turnips and several others. The complex interaction between the wet and dry surface together with the skillful and fluid rendition of the design is quite wonderfully accentuated, even puncuated with the addition of copper about the bowl. When I think of this style of work, Kato Tokuro springs immediately to mind with his superb interpretations of such Ki-Seto glazes, designs and vessels which undoubtedly set the stage for this inviting serving piece. Suzuki Goro, along with Hara Kenji, Hori Ichiro and the late Kagami Shukai have all admirably master the Ki-Seto style of pottery and follow in the footsteps of both Kato Tokuro and Arakawa Toyozo.

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