Monday, October 29, 2012


We are in the depths of Fall here in the Mohawk Valley, the trees that partially obscure our view of the river in the valley below are almost entirely bare, the color and leaves all but gone. For weeks now it is common to see huge flocks of geese making their way south, but that has changed in the past day or two. Now we see geese in pairs, small groups and flocks of hundreds making their way back north as the skies are filled with clouds and the wind is picking up, but by late afternoon, no more geese. There is a storm coming and though Sandy is not likely to be as bad in our area as along the coast, we are weary of the high winds, heavy rainfall, flash floods, snow and possible power outages. We have made every precaution possible, moving anything not nailed down into the garage to avoid flying debris of our own making.

As you watch the weather, the ominous storm reminds me of the view from space that was in the movie; THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. It looks imposing and we are taking it seriously. We have stocked up on necessities and will ride out the storm and hope the shelter of the area lessens the impact. Though I am in the midst of glazing and firing, I am going to put off both for a few days and hope it doesn't put me too far off schedule. With the wild predications and forecast, better safe than sorry.

Here is a bit of levity and perspective given the impending doom that is forecast;

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