Friday, December 28, 2012


Illustrated is a phenomenal and classically inspired Tokoname tsubo by Takeuchi Kimiaki (1948-2011). The form and surface look as though it was made six centuries ago at the height of the Tokaname medieval tradition but is in fact a modern reworking of the ideal made by a modern potter. Takeuchi Kimiaki, studied with Ezaki Issei who was one of the essential component for the resurgence of  Tokoname pottery in modern Japan. Though Takeuchi is well known for his use of "splashed" ash on pots, especially platters, this pot has a natural surface, covered in running translucent green ash, the result of exceptional placement in his kiln and the intense atmosphere created by wood firing pots; the slightly deforming lip stands testament to the heat and ferocity within his kiln. This wonderful, timeless and classical tsubo also stands testament to the teaching of Ezaki and the dedication and skill of one of modern Tokoname's finest potters; Takeuchi Kimiaki.

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