Monday, January 21, 2013


One of the real drawbacks of using the every depleting lepidolite Oribe glaze is that size does matter. The bulk of the work is relegated to teabowls, flat plates and medium size vases, bottles and mizusashi, all basically smaller pieces. The illustrated bottle is the exception to the rule, at nearly 14" tall, it posed its own unique challenges to glaze without making up a large amount of glaze, which was just not going to happen. The plus side of the glaze I use, is that poured or brushed, the surface tends to blend into itself in a rather homogeneous coating making it possible to glaze a large vase using little more than a cup of glaze. This vase, just under 14" in height has glaze built up a bit around the incised decoration and at the base of the depressed neck to create a darker contrast and adds a dimension to the surface that a solid and totally even glaze coat would not. The various areas of darker and richer glaze helps articulate the form and details and makes for a much more interesting surface. In all honesty, I was rather startled what could be accomplished with just a single cup of glaze.

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