Monday, January 7, 2013


I have put up a group of pots on my Trocadero marketplace that have just come in on Friday via UPS along with a few pots that have been around waiting to get posted. It is a rather eclectic group of pots ranging from a very nice Oribe chawan by Matsuzaki Ken, a pair of vases by Kohyama Yasuhisa to a nice Persian chawan and a few other pieces. The great advantage of having pots coming and going is that it allows me the opportunity to study them while they are here. I have long since realized that you can't own everything, after all, where would you put it? Certainly space and economics can get in the way of world domination through collecting, but like gravity, it is a just a reality that we have to live with.
Illustrated is a hakeme slipped Oribe chawan by Matsuzaki Ken. Though his style is seemingly far afield from his master, Shimaoka Tatsuzo and his master's master, Hamada Shoji, there is a common thread that comes out of Matsuzaki's pottery and this chawan is no exception.

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