Monday, February 18, 2013


I really enjoy the challenges and use of iron in glazing. I have an iron red glaze that can be used thin, like a wash to temper the surfaces of a glaze, like the Oribe and when used thick, it creates cascading waterfalls of streaks that I liken to matsukawa, pine bark. I first saw this matsukawa style in the works of Tsukigata Nahiko and was very interested in the effects and set about to do my best to recreate the look. Over time and experimentation, I was able to get the iron to not only behave in a certain way, but also to travel in predetermined pathways based on textures applied to the wet clay or through the use of slips. Illustrated is a oval teabowl with a diagonal bark texture which channels the iron diagonally around the bowl adding to its sense of momentum. The variation in tones from the amber of the texture high points and the lip to the running olive, iron red and mustardy yellow add to the visual texture as well creating a rich matsukawa pattern that compliments the bowl both visually and texturally. From my perspective, the iron has done its job.

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