Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Illustrated is an eccentric chawan potted/painted by the modern artist, Sato Katsuhiko (b.1940). Though best known for his 2-D art work, Sato is multi-talented across a wide array of pursuits; paintings, calligraphy, lacquer, pottery, glass and others, he imposes his will and vision into each medium he works with. This chawan was loosely thrown and then decorated in iron with the design of Fudo-myoo, the Immovable also known as Acala. Sato is internationally recognized for his images of Fudo-myoo, among others,  and he has fit this decoration well within the circular confines of the teabowl with temmoku glaze accents on either side of the piece. Though Sato paints on a large number of premade bisque pottery, both commercially and studio created, this chawan was thrown by Katsuhiko and the manner in which the bowl was thrown, more than adequately compliments his fast and folk style painting which he is so well known for.

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