Monday, March 25, 2013


I fired off the glaze kiln last week which included a group of pots thrown from the clay I made up which I am calling CBSW5050. The majority of pots in this clay were teabowls and yunomi and most of which were fired using the latest version of Oribe (Oh9-12) glaze that I am using. Illustrated is one of the variants from the group, paddled and with poured slip under the Oribe glaze. I am constantly tinkering with various base glazes and oxide/carbonate additions to get as many tones and textures of Oribe as possible. I am happy with these particular results and will continue to push the boundaries of the combinations and effects that it may produce.
If interested, you can see more photos of this chawan and a yunomi glazed in this manner over on my Trocadero marketplace;

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