Monday, April 22, 2013


I pictured the MINE (no) MOMIJI chawan on my blog a long while back and thought it a good idea to show the kodai from this chawan. Keep in mind, this is an old bowl, one of the first true chawan ever made and look at that foot. Beyond being eminently practical and full of purpose, it has such casual grace and strength which when upright, creates a dramatic sense of lift for the bowl. This was created using intuition, experience and dare I say, creative common sense? The chawan was created not as a copy of other chawan but rather as the next step forward from the found objects used early on in tea. There are few chawan like this bowl and the potter who created it made a form and kodai that honestly is unequalled to this day. Surely it was not just cosmic serendipity, this chawan was created through determined and practiced effort and no doubt there were more like it but time has taken its toll and left us with this wondrous example of a Momoyama chawan.

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