Monday, April 1, 2013


I enjoy the occasional  snippets found in TV and movies regarding pottery making. In Japan, the craft is explored in a wide array of jidai-geki, chambara and normal TV programming as pottery is considered a noble and essential pursuit to the Japanese. This short video, from SHIN-ZATOICHI, a TV show that is about a blind traveling masseur, who is also a notorious swordsman and yakuza member is just such a moment where Zatoichi has decided he wishes to learn to make pottery chawan. The back story revolves around Zatoichi, over hearing a transaction in which a contemporary chawan (circa 1850's) is sold for ju-ryo (10 pieces of gold) and exorbitant sum, hence the interest in making chawan. It is worth a watch for the blend of humor and sentiment between Zatoichi, a student and the master. Enjoy!

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