Friday, April 26, 2013


If I close my eyes and think about what the quintessential Hagi chawan would look like, there are several bowls that come to mind. It would have a broad and pleasant form, lots of glaze variations, tones of pinks and lavender, gritty daido clay and a strong and proud foot, not at all unlike the chawan illustrated. Made by Miwa Kyuwa in the mid-1970's, this chawan has all the features that make Hagi-yaki so wonderful and desirable. Named MIYAMA, "beautiful mountain" by Sokuchusai (Mujin Sosa 1901-1979), its name captures the powerful, somber and majestic nature of this bowl. Miwa Kyuwa, one of the finest Hagi potters of the 20th century,  created this bowl which epitomizes a classic tradition and though an aesthetic tour de force, his goal was to create function before beauty. Due to his exceptional skill and eye, he was able to do both without compromising either.
(Photo used with the kind permission of a collector.)

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