Monday, May 13, 2013


At just under 20 inches tall, it is an imposing pitcher, yet in the hand, one can easily imagine it filled to the brim and still easy to use and pour. Glazed in shino and ash, it has a simple, understated warmth and comforting quality that comes from making lots of pots and even more pitchers. Trained at the Leach Pottery, Bill Klock made this pitcher based on his love for old medieval English pots and pots from the East. The pot was thrown with function, durability and aesthetics all in mind and the cylindrical body is finished with a hardy and sturdy spout and a well pulled and applied handle. In its austerity and simplicity, it is quiet and noble yet it is the type of pot, like a good book or a favorite coat, that has companionship and a long term relationship at its core.
Take a moment and enjoy watching a video of Bill pulling a handle and finishing off a jug made at Plattsburgh State University in the ceramic department back in 1992/93.

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