Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Illustrated is a detail from a large iron and temmoku glazed vase that was from my last firing.  What I like most about this particular glaze is that it manifests differing characteristics in texture depending on thickness and varying angles and edges of a pot. Along the interior and exterior of the neck, the glaze has created a myriad of partridge feather style streaks while where it has pooled on the mouth and ridge just below, it creates wonderful little whirlpools of texture. The body of the vase has streaking similar to the neck but is punctuated at intervals with temmoku spots showing through the iron glaze creating its own unique pattern, both ring lugs have fired to a reddish hue with the bulk of the glaze running off them creating cascades down either side under the appendages. Having a real fondness for rather runny glazes, I have yet to see two pieces come out exactly the same and am reasonably sure that I won't any time soon.

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