Friday, June 21, 2013


In the last firing I decided to try to create some pieces that would take advantage of the boiling and turbulent effect created when the Oribe glaze runs into itself and is overloaded with oxide. To that end, one piece, a lid for a jar, was tooled specifically to create a slight depression that would act as a pool for glaze which would run off the large ring knob and back in from the edges. It worked rather well and created a stark contrast from the majority of the pot, where the glaze is a rich, but more monochrome style Oribe glaze. The pooling area is filled with a variety of currents and flows, especially from off the knob where the flow is trying to escape the general outcome of gravity in broad swirls that collide with the glaze incoming from the higher areas of the lid. It reminds me of fancy marbled papers that line the interior of book covers and certainly breaks up the surface of the glaze to rich effect. Though at this point I can encourage the reactions and even affect some visual changes, it is not exactly controllable and if it were, were would the fun be in that?

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