Monday, July 15, 2013


Over the years I have been rather adamant about not really liking blue, but the evidence is all to the contrary. Not to sound like a Forest Gump character, but I do like Persian blue, Ao blue, Tokuda Yasokichi III blue and Gosu blue as well. The illustrated pot is an uncommon molded covered pot by Kawai Kanjiro. Once out of the mold, the pot had very thick white slip applied in a simple yet very expressive pattern. Because the slip is so thick, there are drying cracks about the surface of the slip that in no way detract from the piece and in many respects it adds a bit more character to the surface. Out of the bisque the pot was dipped in a gosu wash with a clear glaze over the whole pot. From my perspective there is no finer gosu than that of Kawai Kanjiro and his blue is a blue just about everyone is bound to enjoy, despite whatever their favorite color or glaze may be.

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