Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Though I do a lot of drawing/doodling, quite a few of the designs I execute by carving or painting come about rather quickly, almost spontaneously while working and listening to music. Though I no longer just start painting or carving, I quickly rough out the idea in pencil or ink and set about finishing the idea. This flock pattern came about just that way, for some reason I was thinking about the old Mad Magazine Spy Vs. Spy cartoons while listening to some 80's music and the idea just dropped on to the bowl. First roughed out in ink and then fairly quickly carved.  In this case, the bowl is porcelain and covered in black slip which was carved to create images through the black and then later glazed in a seiji style glaze. I am willing to bet, it isn't too hard to guess what I was listening to when I got this idea.

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