Friday, November 15, 2013


Illustrated is a rich, little Shigaraki ko-tsubo by pioneer and innovator, Kohyama Yasuhisa. For me, his work never fails to impress, whether older traditionally inspired teaware, shuki or cutting edge "object". This great, little pot at just 4" tall tells a nearly complete story of Kohyama's work; Sueki inspired form, anagama fired, lyrical posture, simply executed and cut decorative lines, rich hi-iro  and just the right amount of traditionally fired surface. Immediately recognizable as his work, Kohyama has spent his life dedicated to the infusion of ancient Sueki pottery with the energy and spirit of the present day. Each pot is a gift from the marriage of earth and fire which Kohyama Yasuhisa officiates over with a lifetime of experience and a very sharply defined aesthetic.

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