Friday, November 22, 2013


Drawing on inspiration from both the astrological symbol for Pieces and the Asian yin-yang device, the opposing fish design found its way on to a large serving bowl. Using black, grey and white slip, I roughed out the design over the black slip using ink, sponged on grey slip and then trailed the white to bring the design to life. The clay used is terra cotta and I must admit that I  am very influenced by old English slipware in my work, but where possible I add whatever modern quirks that are possible. Though I  am usually confine myself to black or white slip, over the years I have also used a variety of colors, including; red iron, leaf green, turquoise, bright yellow, blue and a red created out of a German imported stain. Slip work is immediate, there is no time to be cautious, there is no going back if you make mistakes, it is the risk-reward aspect of making slip ware, together with its connection to a technique that is nearly two millennium old that makes it both enjoyable and rewarding.

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