Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Having a little extra time on my hands, I am still in the process of getting negatives and slides transferred to digital images seeing moments of my pottery history unfold image by image. In a recent group of slides, I came across some more wood fired pots, which I am guessing date to about 1993-1995. I am not 100% sure were these were fired, but, at least I am sure they were wood fired. Illustrated is a tall, hoso-mizusashi style form that was thrown out of a rough Kentucky clay which I had dug and is approximately 12" tall to the knob. The hollow knob was thrown when the lid was thrown and was a technique that Kirk Mangus used on many of his pots at Kent State University. It is always interesting seeing old pots that I have made and wondering where they are now and are they still being enjoyed. Some of my pieces have made interesting travels; one piece bought in Cleveland, moved to NYC, then Toronto, Australia and back home to Israel where it is today. There are still hundreds and hundreds, possibly thousands of slides/ negatives to go through, I wonder what other pieces I will see and if I even remember throwing them!

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