Monday, April 7, 2014


Illustrated is a chawan that belongs to a friend which I refer to as O-Ju-Wan, the big Ju bowl. This chawan was made by Shimizu Uichi (1926-2004) and is a Horai style bowl glazed in a rich black iron glaze with a frothy white laid over and then the kanji for Ju carved or inscribed into the surface. Working in his nobori-gama, Horai-yu, Shimizu created a wide variety of rich iron glazes from deep black iron saturated ones to celestial appearing kannyu celadon style seiji glazes with deep crazing creating worlds within their surfaces. This particular bowl has a lovely form with the Ju kanji dominating the face of the bowl intended to bring felicitations and longevity to both user and viewer. The playful interplay of glaze textures, inscribed decoration and clay body cloak the full round form of a generous and sturdy chawan well at home in hand or commanding a space as a reminder of the intent of both potter and pot; enjoy.

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